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Motivating Generation Y-Z Workforce


- Effectively motivating generation Y-Z staff for higher performance



Motivating staff is an important leadership skill that one must possess to build a great team. However, there are lots of different approaches to motivate and a lot of these techniques are no longer very effective when applied to staff of Gen-Y-Z because they have a very different set of beliefs. One might want to impose their own beliefs onto Gen-Y-Z and often find the experience very frustrating.


Objectives of Motivating Generation Y-Z Workforce:


  • Gain a better understanding of some of the characteristics of Gen-Y-Z

  • Appreciate the SERVE principle in motivating Gen-Y-Z

  • Acquire skills in motivating Gen-Y-Z workforce

  • Be able to apply these skills in their day-to-day business operations


Sample Outline of Motivating Generation Y-Z Workforce:


  1. Applying Different Motivational Approaches on Gen-Y-Z

    • What is motivation

    • Characteristics of Gen-Y-Z

    • Learning about the major motivation theories

  2. Putting Them All Together with SERVE Principle

    • Getting self-motivated and empowered with Gen-Y-Z

    • Importance of self-motivation

    • Setting SMART goals

  3. Empowering the Gen-Y-Z Workforce

    • Why empowerment is important to Gen-Y-Z

    • Building the base for empowering Gen-Y-Z

    • Establishing channels to motivate Gen-Y-Z

  4. Building Communication Channel for Gen-Y-Z

    • Why communication is vital in motivating Gen-Y-Z

    • Shortcomings of Command-Control mode of leadership

    • Giving positive strokes to Gen-Y-Z workforce

  5. Vitalizing the Gen-Y-Z Workforce

    • How to create a positive work environment for Gen-Y-Z

    • Examining the performance of Gen-Y-Z

    • Skills in giving positive feedback to Gen-Y-Z workforce


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.