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Leadership Competence Development


- Unleashing your leadership potential for higher success


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With the dramatic global economic integration, business competition has become more and more intensive.


In order to further enhance the competitiveness, it is needed to develop the leadership competence.


Our programme focuses on the inspiration of the personal development and changes in behavior and attitude. In addition to enable participants to master the skills to guide and manage, it also includes team building exercise and change of thinking, so as to continuously enhance the managerial staff's potential to help companies attaining more shares in today's highly competitive and fast restructuring market.


Objectives of Leadership Competence Development:


  • Understand the essential concepts of strategic leadership behaviour

  • Be aware of self-leadership behaviour

  • Become more flexible and competent in adopting appropriate leadership styles in different situations

  • Recognize the roles and the key qualities of a successful leader


Sample Outlines of Leadership Competence Development:


  1. Strategic Thinking of a Leader

    • Developing a Leader's Vision

    • Situational Analysis Method (SWOT Analysis)

    • Fundamental Success Factors for Modern Enterprises

    • Identifying Key Areas for Improvement and Development

  2. Roles and Responsibility of a Leader

    • Roles of a Leader

    • Main Responsibilities of a Leader

    • Conditions of an Excellent Leader

    • Motivating Individual Staff for Contributing to the Success of the Company

  3. Strategic Leadership Behaviour and Organization Development

    • Features of Eight Strategic Leadership Behaviour

    • Be Aware of Your Own Leadership Behaviour

    • Leadership Behaviour and Organization Development

    • Adjusting Your Leadership Behaviour for Fitting Organization Development

  4. Effective Leadership Skills

    • Different Leadership Styles and Their Applications

    • Adopting Appropriate Leadership Styles

    • Situational Leadership and its Application

    • Exerting the Power and Influence of a Leader

    • Essential Characteristics of a Successful Leader


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.