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Coaching in Leadership


- Giving constructive guidance and motivation for significant performance advancements



Coaching in leadership is increasing in popularity all over the world. As pointed out by a foreign human resources research, over 90% of senior H. R. executives agree that more and more companies will employ coaching skills to assist management to reflect and enhance business. In fact, coaching skills in leadership is widely adopted in different industries. Companies can develop management's coaching skills to review management styles, decision mindsets, ways to receive others; and to strengthen areas which need improvement.


Objectives of Coaching in Leadership:


  • Learn how to motivate, discipline and lead staff effectively through the coaching styles
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities as a coach
  • Realize the importance of good feedback skills
  • Learn the skills on coaching and giving feedback
  • Learn how to provide developmental feedback
  • Acquire better communication skills with good feedback skills
  • Practice and master the learned skills for applications in working situations


Sample Outlines of Coaching in Leadership:


  1. Understand Coaching in Leadership
    • What is Corporate training
    • How Coaching improve team productivity
    • Learn about different coaching styles


  1. The Coaching Cycle
    • The importance of giving feedback in meetings and briefing session in coaching
    • The coaching cycle
    • Fundamental communication skill in coaching staff
    • The art of observing, listening and questioning
  2. Communicate good feedback to team members to improve work performance
    • Why giving good feedback can motivate staff
    • Four steps in giving good feedback
    • Skills in giving positive feedbacks
    • Follow-up and review
  3. Giving developmental feedback and receiving feedback from others
    • Why developmental feedback is critical for team improvement
    • How to give developmental feedback
    • Receiving feedback during instruction giving and other communication between staff and management in office
    • How to receive feedback and develop a constructive feedback cycle


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.