EnglishActivitiesStudent's Work


Our Objectives


To enhance students’ language proficiency

Engaging students in diversified learning activities with meaningful and authentic contexts to develop their language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking


To facilitate the development of a ‘learning to read’ and ‘reading to learn’ culture

Promoting students’ interest in reading through implementing school-based reading lessons


To create an English-rich environment

Providing greater opportunities for students to use English for purposeful communication both inside and outside the classroom


To develop students’ capabilities for self-directed and lifelong learning

Making use of a range of e-resources and e-learning tools to motivate students and enhance learning and teaching effectiveness




Curriculum Development


Providing an authentic environment for students to learn English and develop their confidence in using English for communication


Promoting a "Reading to Learn" culture in school by implementing PLP-R/W programme in KS1


Arranging English assemblies and book sharing sessions to promote positive values and cultivate students’ habit of reading English books


Fun-filled English activities are arranged on English Day to prompt students’ use of English in an interesting way.


Training English ambassadors to communicate to their peer on reinforcing good behaviour


Catering for learners' diversity by grouping students into classes according to their ability 


Integrating e-learning into the curriculum


Enhancing students’ higher order thinking skills


Developing students’ self-directed learning habits


Our Teachers








Cheung Wing Ngan Ho Wing Ki Chan Kit Yin Kwok Nga Yan


Leung Siu Fung Tung Yuen Kit Chow Lai On Go Yi Ling


Lam Hang Yan Lee Pui Shan Chow Lai On Lo Lok Sze


Tung Yuen Kit Lee Pui Shan Lo Lok Sze Go Yi Ling


Cheung Wing Ngan Tung Yuen Kit Pang Shan Wu Ho Wing Ki


Chan Kit Yin Chan Yuen Ling Leung Siu Fung Pang Shan Wu
English Support teachers Kwok Pui Ming Lee Pui Kwan
NET Mr Marco Mr Omar Mr Roman